A Day in the life of a Tutor Counselor

Being a Tutor Counselor(TC) is an adventure of a lifetime. It is a job that asks that you put every bit of yourself on the table to truly make an impact in a student’s life; a real challenge that you wake up to every morning for six weeks of the summer program. TCs are role models and encouragers as well as peace keepers and mediators.They spend time each day helping students work through social, emotional, and personal difficulties.  They are up before their students every morning and they don't go to sleep until everyone and everything is done for the evening.


gain experience with youth that is invaluable, and when they least expect it they learn something about themselves as well. TCs spend a lot of their time working closely with 8-12 students which allow them to focus on helping those who are shy to open up, or to help the academically challenged find something in school that really interests them.

For 42 days TCs live for someone besides themselves and in return they see growth in the lives of students that will last a lifetime. TC’s do everything from leading activity nights, checking meals, doing boundary patrols, and just helping students work out personal issues. A Band-Aid, a listening ear, or a small pep talk may be all a student needs but it is all a part of making sure they are getting everything they need to grow into healthy independent young adults. Working as a TC really shows you the importance of not just solving students problems but teaching them to solve them on their own. 

This diverse group of students and staff find common ground in academics, sports, and hobbies as the summer progresses by forming lasting, meaningful relationships. Each summer is a new unforgettable experience with its own celebrations and goals met. It may seem like a tall order for an average college student to take on but it is a pattern of living that staff and co-workers help each Tutor Counselor grow into.