. . . of a Residence Hall Supervisor

Residence Hall Supervisors (RHS), they are our favorite van drivers, masters of the first aid kit, and super problem solvers. As Tutor Counselors (TCs) are faced with issues that they aren't sure how to handle RHSs are there to encourage and intervene when necessary.
This job requires a lot of courage and patience. On Tribe Night (formerly known as Family Night), over the summer, students break up into
small group for some fun away from campus. As these small groups gather, then disperse to different locations our RHSs keep everyone organized and make note of where each group is going to be. They are often equipment managers when pictures or video needs to be taken and when spirits are low they are morale boosters. As the summer progresses and students are trying to work through social issues RHSs become mediators and encouragers.
 Reidence Hall Supervisors are there for the students every step of the way, from checking them in on the first day to hugging them goodbye when they go home to finish out the rest of their summer before school starts back up. They leave lasting impressions not only in the lives of the students but also in the lives of other staff members. The amount of responsibility they take on is nothing to take lightly but they are constantly supported by administrative staff and co-workers throughout the summer.  



Being a RHS is a life changing experience and a summer that is unforgettable. This job is not for the faint of heart but can be summerized by one former RHS: “You will make new friends that will be your family, and change lives of students by giving them the attention and love that they need the most!”