. . . of an Instructor

Educating the future leaders of America is top priority for Upward Bound summer instructors. For 6 weeks they pour subjects that they are most passionate about into the students growing minds. They get the chance to teach in an environment that, not only allows, but encourages hands on activities within the classroom.
There is never a dull moment, weather it is an academic
class such as math, science, or English, or an elective like photography, weightlifting, or ballroom dancing. An instructor may have students build towers out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows to demonstrate structural supports and team work or they may take students up to the lake to apply new mathematical skills for measureing distances.
Students are eager and willing to learn in this environment because they chose to be there for the summer and, with a little encouragement, the instructors can watch them discover their true abilities. The roll of the instructors in our summer program is unique and vital to the success of our students. They are people who truly love to teach and who care about and are willing to help each student.
These educators take the warm summer days to explore with the students and inspire them to grow to full potential.
They are patient motivators living to provoke curiosity and learning in all those arround them.