Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of many of the most commonly asked questions people have had about the jobs available for Upward Bound.  

There are three categories here, one for General Questions, one for Residence Hall Staff and another for Instructors.  Scroll down or click the appropriate link above to skip to a specific section! 

General Questions
Q.    Am I guaranteed an interview if I apply to work for UB this summer?
A. No. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements for a desired position may be interviewed.  All applications are reviewed by an interview team, and interviews are conducted based on need.  Submitting an application does not guarantee you an interview.  

Q.   Can I complete my applications by hand or should I complete them on the computer and print them?
A.   The Instructor, Residence Hall Supervisor and Resident Advisor applications require you to complete the entire application on a computer with Internet access in one sitting.  The MSU Application must be completed on a computer and printed.  Be sure to sign the MSU Application in both signature areas.  The MSU application gets submitted to the Upward Bound office.

Q.   Do I need to submit an official or unofficial transcript when submitting my applications?
A.   We only need an unofficial transcript, but if you've taken classes at multiple colleges or have undergraduate and graduate credit we'll need multiple transcripts.

Q.   My interview is scheduled in the Upward Bound Offices, I don't know where this is, can you tell me?
A.   The Upward Bound Offices are in the Education Services Building.  Please see the link Getting to the ESB for more information on finding our offices.

Q.   If I have worked for UB previously am I guaranteed to work for UB again this year?
A.   No one is guaranteed to work for UB from summer to summer, but if you had good job evaluations you should have a good chance.  Sometimes people who have great job evaluations are not rehired.  We look at all the candidates for the current year and pick the best of the best.  

Q.  I want to apply to be an instructor or RS for the summer, but I won't have my degree until May.  May I apply for one of these jobs?
A.   Yes, we will need an updated transcript before you begin work, but you are able to apply for these jobs as long as you have completed your degree prior to the first day of work. 

Q.   Can I apply for more than one position for the summer?
A.   Yes.  You may apply for as many positions as you would like as long as you meet the qualifications for each position!

Q.   How often do summer staff get paid?
A.   Summer residence hall staff will be paid four times bimonthly over the summer.  Instructors will be paid three times bimonthly.

Q.   Are taxes withheld from my paycheck?
A.   Yes.

Q.   Do I need a parking pass to park on campus this summer?
A.   Yes. If you currently have an E zone pass you will not need to do anything.  However, if you have a S zone pass you can exchange it for the E zone pass for the summer, although this is not required and the S zone pass will still be accepted.  If you have an O zone pass you can pay a small fee and upgrade to the E zone pass for the summer.

Residence Hall Staff Questions
Q.   If I have worked for UB previously will I be interviewed again this year?
           A. Yes. All Residence Hall Staff are reinterviewed.  If you've worked for UB previously we will also evaluate your past performance.

Q.   Can I take summer classes while working as an RA/RS?
A.  No. Due to the intensity of the Residence Hall Staff positions we do not allow staff to take summer classes.  Your class grade would suffer and our students wouldn't get the attention they deserve. 

Q.   Can you take time off during the middle of the summer (to attend a wedding, family reunion, vacation, etc.)?
A.   No. If you do miss for an emergency, your absence will be reflected on your paycheck.  However, UB will make considerations in the event of severe illness, death in the family, extreme acts of god, etc.
Q.   Can an RS teach a UB summer class?
A.   No.

Q.   What sort of training will I receive for this job (RA or RS)?
A.   All summer staff will be present for a one day orientation in April/May.  RS work and training will begin on May 20th. RA work/training will begin on May 28th. Training will take place during this time until students move-in.  

Q.   Can my boyfriend/girlfriend visit me on campus while I'm working or at UB events?
A.   No.

Q.   Can my friends visit me on campus while I'm working?
A.   No.

Q.   Can I have visitors in the residence hall during the weekend?
A.   No.

Q.   Do I have to go home over the weekend?
A.   No. Residence hall staff are welcome to stay in their room from the time they move in until the announced move out time at the end of the summer.  Remember you are not allowed to have visitors in the residence halls at any time during the summer.

Q.   Do I have to be a student at MSU to be an RA/RS?
A.   No. Any college or university student that meets all the qualifications is eligible to work as an RA, and anyone that meets the qualifications for RS can work in that capacity.

Q.   Do I have to drive a University car during the summer?
A.   Maybe. If you have a good driving records and a valid drivers license you could be asked to drive a University car during the summer.  This will not be a primary job responsibility, but you could be needed to drive very frequently. 

Q.   Do I have to pay for my own meals while on campus during the summer?
A.   No. UB will provide meals for Residence Hall Staff during training week, and during the weeks students are here in the summer.

Q.   Do I have to pay for my own meals when I travel with UB?
A.  No. UB provides meal money or a meal voucher for food any time we travel.  If you exceed the amount of the meal money or the meal voucher you will have to pay the difference.

Q.   Do I have to pay for my own admission to venues that UB visits?
A.   No. Anytime UB travels to a venue we pay for all students, staff, and chaperone admissions to that venue.

Q.   Can siblings of current students apply to be an RA/RS?
A.   Yes.  With the understanding that all job responsibilities will be administered fairly.

Q.   If I was a UB student at MSU when can I apply to be an RA?
A.   Alumni of the UB Programs @ MSU must wait until the summer after their second year in college before applying to be an RA.

Q.   I am currently employed by MSU as a student worker, do I still have to complete the MSU Application?
A.   Yes.

Q.   Can two people who are dating apply to be RA/RS during the same summer?
A.   Yes. Both parties are welcome to apply, but we do not allow staff members to date throughout the summer.  This may mean only one of you will be hired.

Q.   Can I exercise or train regularly while working for UB?
A.   Yes. We have many employees that focus on their health.  There is time to run before students get up in the morning, and we often assign RAs to athletic afternoon classes upon request.  Everyone will get quite a bit of exercise throughout the summer patrolling campus and main street.

Q.   Which residence halls will UB be staying in this summer?
A.   UB does not have control over which residence halls we use during the summer.  We find out from Housing late in the spring semester which halls we will be utilizing.

Q.   I have no experience working with adolescents, can I still apply to be an RA/RS?
A.   Yes. You may not be as qualified as other applicants, but if you're interested, we encourage you to still apply.

Q.   I am a college freshmen, can I apply to be an RA?
A.   Yes.  We prefer to hire people after their second year in college, but we have hired a few mature freshmen in the past.  If you're interested we encourage you to still apply.

Instructors Questions
Q.   If I have worked for UB previously will I be interviewed again this year?
A. Maybe. Instructors who have previously worked for UB are not reinterviewed unless teaching a new subject. If you've worked for UB previously we will also evaluate your past performance.

Q.   Do I have to have a teaching certificate to teach for UB?
A.   No, the only qualifications a UB instructor must have is a bachelors degree and knowledge of the subject.

Q. Am I able to take time off during the summer?
A.   No, but if you do miss for an emergency, your absence will be reflected on your paycheck.

Q. Can I teach both morning and afternoon classes?
A.   Yes it is possible for you to be hired to teach both morning and evening classes providing that you have the appropriate qualifications.

Q. What responsibilities will I have outside of teaching?
A.   You will be required to complete several items of online paperwork on a weekly basis. There are also several activities in the evening that you are not required to participate in but are invited to participate in and will learn more about these if you are hired.

Q.   Will I receive training for this job?
A.   Yes! We have a staff training evening in April and go over the summer program goals and paperwork. Instructors begin planning that day for objectives and materials needed.

Q.   Are there faculty meetings during the summer?
A.   Faculty meetings are held on an as needed basis, and you will know the date and time at least a week ahead of any scheduled meeting..

Q.   Since students don't receive grades in Upward Bound, how are they evaluated?
A.   Instructors complete paperwork throughout the summer that assess a student's progress, motivation, behavior, and attitude.  Including having students complete a pre and post test.

Q.   How do I get supplies for my class? Will I have a budget?
A.   Yes! Instructors request supplies from the associate directors (before the summer program begins). Classes do have a budget and you will learn about this and much more at training.

Q.   Do the students have homework?
A.   Yes, we give the student approximately 45 minutes each day to complete homework. When assigning homework take this into account so it can be completed on time without disruption from other activities.