Interviews for Summer Residence Hall Positions

Dear Applicant:

Welcome to your Residence Hall Staff interview!!!  You are here to interview for the Student Advisor job, Summer Supervisor job, or both!  Here is a brief overview of the procedure for these interviews:

Before Your Interview
  • Complete the Upward Bound Summer Residence Hall Staff Preinterview Questionnaire below (this portion of the interview will take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete - you must complete this prior to your interview).

  • Be in Waterfield Hall room 153/154/155 (the UB Computer Lab) waiting for you interview when we finish with the previous candidate (this should be within about 10 minutes of your scheduled interview time).
Be sure to come to the interview room ready to tell us what will make you a great candidate, and be prepared to ask lots of questions.  We will ask you roughly 10-15 questions and give you an opportunity to ask questions of us as well.

Don't be nervous, and have fun during your interview!  We want to find the best candidates for our summer positions, and we can't accurately evaluate you if you're not acting like yourself!

After Your Interview
  • Ensure you have submitted your transcript(s) to the interview team.
  • If you are asked for any additional information, please give this to any UB Staff members (Waterfield Hall Rooms 103 - 108) or bring it back to the committee if the door to the conference room is open.
If you are selected for the second and final round of interviews you will be contacted via email no later than March 21st, 2012.  The final round of interviews will take place on-campus at 6 pm on March 26, 2012.  More information will follow in the email. 

Final hiring decision will be made on or before March 28, 2012, and letters will be mailed on or before that date.  Responses from successful applicants will be due in our office by close of business on April 11, 2012.

We wish you the best of luck throughout the interview process, and we hope that this page has helped explain the interview process to you in a clear a concise way!

- The Interview Team
        (Matt, Chris & Deanna)