MSU Application

Morehead State University requires that all employees complete an MSU Application.  Part time employees must complete the application linked to on this page.  Please follow the directions below to ensure that you fully apply for the position(s) you want for Summer 2019! 

All summer employees must complete two applications before hiring:
  1. The specific application for the job in which they are applying, and 
  2. The Part-Time/Temporary/Adjunct MSU Application 

THE MSU APPLICATION NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED TO THE UPWARD BOUND OFFICE.  Do not submit the MSU Application to the Human Resources Department!!!

Both applications should be: 
  1. Completed on a computer and then printed (MSU application) AND submitted online (UB application)
  2. Signed anywhere the application asks for a signature 
  3. Submitted to the Upward Bound Office before March 1, 2019.  Again, the MSU application needs to go the UB office.