Bridge RAs

The Bridge Resident Advisor position differs in a few aspects from the Classic or Math/Science Resident Advisor.  Bridge RAs work primarily with students who have just graduated from high school and are, in most instances, taking college courses for the first time.

When working with Bridge Students there is a tutoring aspect involved that is different from Classic and Math/Science RAs.  Because Bridge Students are taking college courses, they require a lot of help with their course work.  Bridge RAs will be asked to help students write and prepare for speeches and will be asked to help students with work in other general education classes.  Bridge RAs will also help supervise 8 hours worth of group study time each week.

Also, since Bridge students follow a different schedule due to class and study hours, Bridge RAs must supervise students throughout the day between classes and study time when they are not engaged in planned activities.

Additionally, all Bridge Students take part in some type of community service activity (Ex: Build-A-Bed) at least once during the summer and Bridge RAs will be asked to participate and supervise these activities as well.  Bridge RAs may also be asked to perform other various tasks by the Academic Bridge Coordinator or other administrative staff when needed, such as preparation for group activities, trips, etc.

Applicants with a background in education or tutoring experience are also preferred but not required.

Prior to completing the application for any of our residence hall jobs, please read our FAQ page. Also, feel free to email us with any questions at

All RA applicants will complete the same Resident Advisor application.