Classic RAs

Classic Resident Advisors (RAs) are assigned 10 to 14 students for their "RA Group" who they are primarily responsible for the duration of the summer program.  Classic RAs will be asked to supervise their RA group at all times in the residence hall and during the other various activities in which students may participate.

Classic RAs will also be asked to participate in and help supervise UB Mentoring Night and Activity Night each week. 

RAs are asked to mentor student and participate in the planned activities to help with supervision during Mentoring Night.

Activity Night involves various planned recreational activities that students sign up in advance to participate in at the end of each week of the program.  RAs will be assigned to one activity each week and will be asked to conduct and supervise the activity.  In the past activities have included video gaming, basketball, ultimate frisbee, bowling, swimming and karaoke, just to name a few.

In addition to the supervisory role, Classic RAs will also have a tutoring aspect to their position.  The majority of RAs will be assigned to at least one afternoon elective class that our students participate in for the summer and will be asked to act as an assistant to the teacher.  Depending on the subject matter and the instructor of the class RAs may be asked to take attendance for each class, hand out papers, supervise group work or perform other tasks assigned by the instructor.  RAs will NOT be expected to teach any of the courses to which they are assigned.  Even though our students do not typically have assigned homework during the summer, students may ask for help with class work.

Classic RAs will be given various duties to perform on a weekly and day-to-day basis.  These duties include, but are not limited to, morning boundary patrols, residence hall duty, office duty, cafeteria duty (this involves checking students off as they come through the line at each meal; NOT preparing meals), taking photographs of various UB activities and other duties as assigned.

All RAs begin their duties each morning, Monday through Friday, by 7 AM and are actively working until 11:30 PM when students have lights

 Prior to completing the application for any of our residence hall jobs, please read our FAQ page. Also, feel free to email us with any questions at

All RA applicants will complete the same Resident Advisor application.