Why Work for Upward Bound?

Officially, Upward Bound (UB) is an academic prepatory program for high school students, but unofficially most UB Students would tell you that it is the highlight of their summer throughout their high school years, and it is the reason they decide to attend a college or university!  Our main goal is to encourage Upward Bound Students who would otherwise not attend a college or university to attend post-secondary education.  We do this through a variety of methods throughout the academic year and the summer program.  

We want you to consider working for us this summer to help bring an exciting and engaging summer experience to roughly 330 students.  After a short time working for UB, you will realize that everything you contribute to our program this summer will directly help change the life of one or many high school students for the better!  You can do this by teaching as an Instructor in the morning or afternoon, living and working in the residence halls as a Resident Advisors or a Residence Hall Supervisor!  This will be a life-changing experience for you and our students!!!

In addition to helping change the lives of our students, all positions are well compensated.  Staff living on campus (Resident Advisor & Residence Hall Supervisor) are given free housing (living in the same residence hall as our students), free meals (while students are on campus), and travel experiences as well.  Anywhere we take our students, during the first 5 weeks of the summer program, we take our residence hall staff.  Each summer we typically travel to many destinations.  These may include: an amusement park, to see a cultural play, to visit colleges, sporting events, museums, movies, etc.

The time commitment to UB varies depending on your job.  As an Instructor, you will work either mornings or afternoons 4-5 days a week.  All staff get weekends off, but residence hall staff do work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks.  Residence hall staff get 2-3 mornings and/or afternoons off a week, but as a Resident Advisor or Residence Hall Supervisor you will be working all week long with the knowledge that you get your weekends off to rest and relax!

Residence hall staff will be paid for their training time before the summer begins.  Residence Hall Supervisors begin work 2 weeks before students arrive.  They will receive training while helping plan and prepare for staff training and the first few weeks of the summer program.  Resident Advisors will have required staff training 1 week prior to the students arrival on campus.  All staff have a training day in early May to receive handbooks, and learn about their role for the summer.

In addition to great pay and fun perks, you will also learn much through all you do with Upward Bound.  Residence Hall Staff who are majoring in education will appreciate learning first hand about classroom and social aspects of teenage life.  Many Residence Hall Staff use their experience in Upward Bound to distinguish themselves from their peers when applying for teaching positions.  Many young instructors use their experience with Upward Bound to help them attain permanent teaching jobs in local school districts, while veteran instructors say they love teaching for Upward Bound because they are given freedom to teach interesting subjects their district may not be able to let them teach.  

Overall, working for Upward Bound will help you achieve your professional goals!  

If all this sounds like something you would be interested in doing this summer, continue investigating this website by reading about the position for which you are interested in and also read through our frequently asked questions section.  

When you are ready complete your application!