What is an Upward Bound Instructor:

Summer Instructors teach Morning Core classes, Afternoon Elective classes, and/or participate or facilitate evening activities.  They teach a variety of classes during the on-campus Summer Academy.  They are responsible for planning and preparing all lessons, teaching classes, completing paperwork, monitoring student progress, encouraging students, enforcing discipline, and ensuring each room is a safe learning environment.  

Minimum Requirements: 

 learning environment. 

What to expect as an Instructor: 

lesson plans, student & class reports, discipline reports, 

final reports, evaluations, etc.

Morning Core Instructors:

Afternoon Elective Instructors:

Research Evening and Activity Night Instructors:  THIS APPLICATION OPENS FEBRUARY 20th

Past Successful Instructors were: 


$2,000 for Morning 

$2,000 for Afternoon

Please see the FAQ page for specific information about dates, compensation, etc.